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Walking Programme

Brampton Wood
Brampton Wood

Click here to download the November 2019 to April 2020 Walks Programme in PDF format.

We normally meet at the start of a walk. If you do not have transport, please contact the leader, who may be able to arrange a lift or advise on public transport. If you are intending to use public transport, it is important to check all train and/or bus times before travelling It is also a good idea to let the leader know in advance in case your bus or train is late.

Most people bring their own picnic lunch, but see individual walks entries for possibilities of cafés or drinks at pubs. Many pubs are closing these days, and pub stops mentioned in the programme may not be available at the time of the walk. Do ring leaders for details of the second half of figure-of-eight walks which return to the start point at around lunchtime.

Non-members are welcome to join us on our walks. We do not charge but if you wish to continue to walk with us regularly you will be expected to join the Ramblers’ Association after 2 or 3 walks. Dogs are allowed at the discretion of the leader – please check beforehand.

See FAQs for further information on walks.

Walks Programme Map
Walk Programme Map

See Walk Programme Map to see a map of where the walks are occurring.





Sat 25 Jan Orwell to Wimpole Circular Meet at Orwell car park near the church, map/grid ref: 209/TL364505 at 10:00. Walk to Wimpole via Mare Way. Return early afternoon. If wet it will be muddy in places. Bring rations. Mobile on the day 07847 776694. View in OpenStreetMap 11km (7 miles) Ken & Kathy 01223 840589
Mon 27 Jan Bassingbourn Circular Meet at 10:00, parking considerately at the beginning of Spring Lane, map/grid ref: 209/TL335439. Walk around Bassingbourn’s surrounds and through various reserves. Bring rations. View in OpenStreetMap 8km (5 miles) Hilary & John 07875 629713
Sat 1 Feb Ashdon Circular Meet at the small car park located near start of Fallowden Lane, map/grid ref: 209/TL579416 at 10:30. Fallowden Lane is on the right if coming up Church Hill from Ashdon, or on the left if approaching on Walden Road coming from Saffron Walden. A walk in and around the attractive village of Ashdon and the small hamlet of Steventon End, in rolling north Essex countryside. There are a few stiles on this walk. Bring mid-morning snack/drink (there is a pub in Ashdon for anyone wanting post-walk refreshments). Note start time. View in OpenStreetMap 8km (5 miles) Jean 01223 312974
Sat 8 Feb Trumpington Meadows & Grantchester Circular Meet at Trumpington P&R by the info centre, map/grid ref: 209/TL443543 at 10:00. Bring mid-morning snack. Mobile on the day 07847 776694. View in OpenStreetMap 9km (6 miles) Ken & Kathy 01223 840589
Mon 10 Feb Linton Circular Meet at the Health Centre car park, Coles lane, Linton, map/grid ref: 209/TL562468 (CB21 4JS) at 10:00. Walk over rolling countryside to Hadstock Church, returning via the Icknield Way. Bring rations. View in OpenStreetMap 9 km (5½ miles) Peter 07951 362501
Sat 15 Feb Coton, Grantchester Circular Meet at the Grange Road end of Crammer Road, where you can park, map/grid ref: 209/TL440581 at 09:30. Circular walk through Grantchester and Coton using permissive footpaths and a visit to the St Mark’s Church graveyard on Barton Road. Bring rations. Note early start. View in OpenStreetMap 14km (9 miles) Joye 07761 380314
Sat 22 Feb Cambourne – Bourn Circular Meet at car park off School Lane, Great Cambourne, map/grid ref: 208/TL316595 at 10:30. A walk taking in a country park, windmill and several fords. Bring food and drink. Note start time. View in OpenStreetMap 13km (8 miles) Jean 01223 312974
Mon 24 Feb Wrestlingworth Circular Meet opposite Braggs Lane, parking considerately on the road, map/grid ref: 208/TL259477 at 10:00. Walk via Cockayne Hatley on good tracks and permissive routes. Bring rations. View in OpenStreetMap 9km (5½ miles) Hilary & John 07875 629713
Sat 29 Feb Chrishall Figure of Eight Meet at Chrishall Church car park (look for small unobtrusive turning off Church Road/Bury Lane), map/grid ref: 194/TL451386 at 10:30. Morning loop via Elmdon; afternoon loop via the thatched church at Duddenhoe End. Rolling north Hertfordshire country with pretty villages and some fine views. Bring food and drink. Note start time. View in OpenStreetMap 8/3km (5/3 miles) Jean 01223 312974
Sat 7 Mar Great Abington to Stapleford Linear Meet outside the school at Gt Abington, map/grid ref: 209/TL533488 at 10:30 (note late start and check bus times). Catch bus Citi13 which leaves Drummer Street at 10:00 and stops many times along the route, notably at Addenbrooke’s bus station, and on the main road at a stop outside the Babraham Rd P&R site. A walk through the Abingtons, Babraham, to Stapleford, pleasant arable, pastures, woodland, good footing. Stapleford has Citi7 bus to Addenbrooke’s and Cambridge Centre every 20 minutes. Bring lunch, but tea etc possible at Scotsdales’ garden centre. View in OpenStreetMap 10km (6 miles) Janet 01223 356889
Mon 9 Mar Swavesey Circular Meet at the White Horse Inn, Market Street, Swavesey, map/grid ref: 225/TL361689 (CB24 4WZ) at 10:00. Walk over to Fen Drayton Lakes, where we may see many wild fowl on the water. Bring rations and binoculars. View in OpenStreetMap 9km (5½ miles) Peter 07951 362501
Sat 14 Mar No walk planned – but check website near date
Sat 21 Mar Great Hormead – Buntingford Circular Park carefully on road by Hormead First School (postcode SG9 0NR), map/grid ref: 194/TL397298 at 10:30. Bring food and drink, or if needed pick up a snack in Buntingford. Note start time. View in OpenStreetMap 13km (8 miles) Jean 01223 312974
Sat 28 Mar No walk planned – but check website near date
Mon 30 Mar Knapwell Circular Meet by Knapwell Church, parking considerately by church, found along lane to church, off road through Knapwell, map/grid ref: 225/TL334629 at 10:00. Walk via Overhall Grove nature reserve, Childerley and Boxworth. Bring rations. View in OpenStreetMap 8km (5 miles) Hilary & John 07875 629713
Sat 4 Apr Waterbeach to Fulbourn Linear Meet outside the main entrance to Cambridge Station at 09:15 to catch the 09:35 train to Waterbeach. Return by bus from Fulbourn. Bring rations. View in OpenStreetMap 16km (10 miles) Joye 07761 380314
Sat 11 Apr Fordham Circular Meet at Fordham Recreation Park, map/grid ref: 226/TL631708 at 10:00. Walk via local paths and return. Meet at Fordham Garden Centre for refreshments after the walk. View in OpenStreetMap 8km (5 miles) Chris & Ros 01353 723150
Sat 18 Apr Swavesey Circular Meet on green at village centre, near pub, map/grid ref: 225/TL363690 (CB24 4QG) at 10:00 for a morning walk. (Alternative transport: guided bus to Swavesey bus stop – phone leader for details.) Walk beside apple orchards, through daffodil dell and along river bank. Pub lunch or picnic at end of walk. View in OpenStreetMap 8km (5 miles) Chris H 01223 690557
Sat 25 Apr Bluebells, Fields and Woods Meet by Great Gransden Reading Room, Fox Street, Great Gransden SG19 3AA, map/grid ref: 208/TL270560 at 10:00. Park considerately nearby. Circular walk including pleasant woodland and (we hope) bluebells. Bring rations. View in OpenStreetMap 14km (9 miles) Paul S 07780 963519
Mon 27 Apr Longstowe Circular Meet at Longstowe Recreation Ground, map/grid ref: 208/TL308553, parking considerately next to entrance at 10:00. Walk around Longstowe surrounds and via Hayley Wood nature reserve. Bring rations. View in OpenStreetMap 9km (5½ miles) Hilary & John 07875 629713

In very severe weather conditions, please check with the leader that the walk has not been cancelled

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